Thank You Note Sample Text

While our office has an official donor-thanking process, you may want to thank your donors personally. Thanking is a great idea — not only do contributors feel appreciated, but it’s also a good way to connect them to your work.

For Donors to Your Program

When a person or organization makes a gift to your work, it’s good practice to thank them within a week of receiving the contribution. But it takes time to write a thank-you note — time that can be hard to find.

Accordingly, we’ve provided five thank-you samples that may be helpful. A short thank-you note will make a donor feel appreciated; a longer letter will also give you the opportunity to explain your program and perhaps forge a closer connection. Please feel free to copy and paste the text below into your preferred word processing program and adapt the text to your needs.

Need more ideas? Contact your advancement representative at 206.543.5686 or

Two tips
If the donor knows someone in your department, they might really appreciate a handwritten thank-you note from that person — or a brief, handwritten “hello” on a printed letter.

If you would like to get to know a contributor better, contact your fundraiser. You two might want to consider inserting a line in your note about meeting for coffee or having an informal lab tour.



Dear Ms./Mr./Dr. ____:

Thank you very much for your recent contribution to the name of fund. I greatly appreciate your generosity toward our patients/our students/our research efforts, and this gift is a very important part of our efforts in accelerating ________ (brief descriptor of what gift is supporting).

I look forward to keeping in touch/I look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, thank you once again for your thoughtful contribution to the Department of Diagnostic Medicine. Your support makes our work possible.


Joan Jones, M.D., Ph.D.
UW Professor and Chair, Department of Diagnostic Medicine
Frye Endowed Professor of Patient-centered Care