Event Planning Toolkit

STEP 1: When you are considering an event…

Event Intake Form: Complete the event intake form on this site at least three months before an in-person event and at least two months prior to a virtual event. Once your request is reviewed and approved by your leadership team, you will be assigned an event partner.

Event Roles and Responsibilities: Review this roles and responsibilities document to help prepare yourself for a successful partnership with your event partner and AdCo (your event planning team).

STEP 2: When you are initially meeting with your event partner…

Data Request: Consider who you want in the room, and work with Steve to solidify that list by filling out the data request form on this site.

Invitation Copy: Complete one if these forms, then work with your event partner to polish the invitation and captivate your audience. In-person Invitation Copy template or Virtual Invitation Copy template.

Production Schedule: Stay on top of important dates with these pre-filled timelines. In-person Production Schedule or Virtual Production Schedule.

Event Briefing and Timeline: Before your first run through with speakers, email these briefing materials (along with the biographical notes) to your host and speakers to help prepare them. In-Person Briefing Timeline with the In-Person Briefing Cover Sheet or the Virtual Event Briefing Cover Sheet.

Budget: Work with your event partner to determine projected expenses and consult your senior director to finalize your budget. Keep this budget template up to date to inform you of your working budget.

Pre-approval Form: Prior to purchasing anything for your event, fill out this form and forward it to Jess for her approval.

STEP 3: When you are preparing to drop the invitations…

Order Print Invitations: For in-person events, order print invitations and signage for your event through Creative Communications. Allow five business days’ turnaround time.

Digital invitations: Link coming soon! These are sent through Marketo, here is a sample of what they will look like.

RSVP Tracker: If you are not using Cvent to manage your event registration, use this RSVP template to track who is coming, who’s not, and who has not responded yet.

Real-time RSVP Report: Link coming soon! Request a Cvent RSVP report from your event partner.

STEP 4: When you are planning your event and preparing your speakers…

Speaker Remarks: Use this as a template for building your remarks. In-person Remarks Sample and Virtual Remarks Sample.

PowerPoint: You only have 7 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Our clean, visually attractive PowerPoint templates are free for you to use to captivate audience interest.

Nametags, table tents and handouts: A few additional materials that may be helpful for staging your event and making it memorable for your audience. 5390 Nametag template, 5392 Nametag template, Table tent template, Agenda templates, and Handouts templates.

Confirmation email: If you are not using Cvent, we recommend that you send a confirmation email like the following samples to remind guests to attend. In-person see you soon email template (need this link) and Virtual event see you soon email template.

Biographical Notes: For in-person events, while your RSVPs are coming in, work with your AdCo to start drafting short bios to share with your speakers and event hosts of the people who will be in the room, if necessary and only for in-person events. (need a link that isn’t on W drive to Biobot)

STEP 5: When you have completed an event…

Post Event Coding: Help us track who attended, who registered but did not attend and those who never responded by following these instructions and emailing the completed spreadsheet to Steve.

Post Event Messaging: This email is a great example of how to follow up with your event attendees post event.

Live Recording: Work with your event partner to get your recorded event uploaded to our vimeo account and closed captioned. You will receive a unique link to share in your post event message and with those who couldn’t watch the event in real time. All recorded UW Medicine Advancement events can be found at vimeo.com/uwmedicine.

Planning a virtual event? Here are some additional resources:

Zoom Meeting vs. Webinar: Would you like for this event to be a meeting or a webinar? Learn what this means and more by reviewing this document.

Zoom Facilitation Best Practices: Hand this guide out to your speakers and hosts prior to your event run-through.

Zoom User Guide: Share this guide beforehand with any meeting invitees/attendees who might be new to Zoom.

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